Rethink Your Meat

Come by our local butcher shop in Lincoln, MO

You may not think it does, but where you buy your meat matters. Other places sell meat with loads of preservatives that may not even be the right cut. We The People Cattle of Lincoln, MO does things differently. The team at our local butcher shop has over 20 years of experience raising animals in a stress-free environment, so you can rest assured that we know what's best for our animals. Call our meat shop today to let us know what you need.

Find out what makes us special

Everyone has a specific cut of meat that they always love. To satisfy everyone's tastebuds, our meat shop makes sure to keep filets, hams, briskets, chickens, rib eyes, pork chops, ground beef, New York strips and pork tenderloins in stock. While you're here, you'll also see an assortment of cheeses, mustards, pickles and other items.

When it comes to local butcher shops, we're the favorite in the area. That's because we:

  • Offer large premade meals
  • Are a family-owned business
  • Let customers explore our farm
  • Give customers the ability to order online
  • Provide guidance based on over 20 years of knowledge
  • Sell meat raised in a stress-free environment from local brands

Experience our flavorful, tender meat for yourself. Contact us today to check our availability on your favorite food. You won't believe what we have in store for you.

Don't Spend Your Whole Evening in the Kitchen

Take advantage of the tasty premade meals at our local butcher shop